Wallabies Vs Barbarians game

Hullo folks,

Following some confusion, I have just been given some updated info for those of you intending to attend the Wallabies v Barbarians game next Saturday.

The game is next Saturday at 3pm.

If you want to purchase tix, you can follow the link on the flyers that I have sent or go to www.yourrugbymatch.com . This will drop you into the ticketek website. The club’s promo code is HornsbyJR . This is the code you enter if you wich to buy discounted tickets. If your child played in the U10 Blacks, U11 or U12 teams, they are entitled to a free ticket. That ticket will be given to them on the day at the Kid’s Clinic so all you need to do there is make sure you register your child for the Kid’s Clinic.

I also understand that ANY child who registers for the Kid’s clinic will also be able to claim a free ticket (that will be given to them at the clinic).

Hope this helps!




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