Equal Time Policy

It is fundamental to the Hornsby Lions Equal Time Policy that every player deserves, and will receive, a fair go through our equal time policy.

This includes equal time policy on the paddock across all age groups. We are very proud to have had this equal time policy from the club’s restart in the late 90s and have still had many teams in the finals and indeed grand finals.

Winning is great but participation and fun are equally important.

It is important for parents to note that the Hornsby Lions Equal Time Policy is equality of time over the whole season, not just any one game.

From U5s to U7s coaches will roster the players on and off and each player will receive equal time on the day.

In U8s and U9s coaches should wait until a stoppage in play to rotate players but this is not strictly enforced and so generally players will receive equal time on the day.

Note that this flexibility comes largely from the fact that there are no positional dependencies to consider – either there are no scrums or line-outs or they are non-contested.

In Juniors (U10s and up), things get a little more difficult for the coaches and so it is important to remember that your child probably won’t receive equal time on a per-game basis but should still receive equal time over the season.

The Hornsby Lions Equal Time Policy dictates that if you think your child is not getting equal time, talk to the manager in the first instance. In most age groups, the manager will be tracking time played for each player and should be able to clear up any misunderstandings.

If you are still unhappy or believe things are not improving, then talk to the coach. If after talking to the coach and manager you still have concerns, please contact the Coaching Coordinator. He will investigate and report back to you. If you are not happy with the report, then contact the Vice President who will raise the matter at the Executive level.

If you have any further questions please visit the Contact Us page.