Hornsby Golden Oldies

Hornsby Golden Oldies (Busted Lions) were assembled as an over 35’s team as part of the back to Hornsby day games and club celebrations.

The Hornsby Golden Oldies has many past Hornsby Senior club players along with enthusiastic parents from the junior club

The modified laws of Golden Oldies presents a great opportunity for older players to don their boots once again and have a few fun games throughout the year (whilst still being able to go to work the next day).

The Hornsby Golden Oldies welcomes players of all types to the club, weather you are continuing a distinguished career or rekindling an old one or perhaps you have never played before and are inspired to give it a go.

Insurance is mandatory to play in official Golden Oldies games away, which without it, has limited the play to 1-2 friendly games on home soil each season.

To find out more visit the Hornsby Busted Lions (Golden Oldies) website.