Age specific styles of Rugby

The style of game played differs depending on the age group. The diagram below depicts the key differences:

Age Specific Game Styles

Age Specific Game Styles

All ages after the under 12s use the same style as the under 12s other than longer playing time and a few more detailed law variations.

If you’re after a document containing the actual laws in more detail please use the link below:

Minis U6 to U9s

The Minis section is all about fun, safety and learning the fundamentals of our great game in a modified format that suits the age and ability of the players.

  • Smaller pitches
  • Smaller teams
  • Shorter games
  • Play on Saturday mornings
  • No tackling for U6 and U7
  • Coaches on the field to help direct the kids
  • Focus on learning by the referees, explaining their decisions.
  • Local games in a smaller competition
  • Its all about fun, safety and learning in the Minis.

The U10’s and U11’s expand their skills in a larger game format with more players.

  • 12 players per team
  • Larger pitch than the Minis but not full size
  • Trained and certified Referees
  • Focus on safety, learning and skill development
  • Larger competition across northern Sydney
  • Play on Sundays

Juniors 12 +

The full game experience whilst focussing on development and safety.

  • Full size pitch
  • 15 players per team
  • Northern Sydney Competition
  • Player pathways for local representative sides.
  • Play on Sundays