Equal Time Policy

At Hornsby Lions, we believe that every player deserves a fair go and that’s why we have an Equal Time Policy. This policy ensures that every player, regardless of age or skill level, gets equal playing time on the field. At our club, we’re proud of our equal time policy. It’s one of the reasons why people come to us. We believe that for our club to do well, everyone needs to be included and have a fair go.

Parents, please note that this policy applies to the whole season, not just one game. In younger age groups, like U5s to U7s, coaches will roster players on and off, so each player gets equal time on the day. In U8s and U9s, coaches should try to rotate players during stoppages in play but generally, players still get equal time on the day.

Things get a bit more difficult for coaches in Juniors (U10s and up), so while your child may not get equal time in every game, they should still get equal time over the season. If you have any concerns about your child’s playing time, please talk to the manager first. They keep track of playing time and can clear up any misunderstandings.

If you’re still unhappy, talk to the coach. If concerns persist, contact the Coaching Coordinator. They will investigate and report back to you. If you’re still not happy, contact the Vice President, who will raise the matter at the Executive level.

If you have any further questions, visit our Contact Us page. Remember, winning is great, but participation and fun are just as important.

If you have any further questions please visit the Contact Us page.